Dr. Greger: Slowing the Growth of Cancer (video link)

I really appreciate how Dr. Michael Greger cuts through the medical jargon and explains current research in a way that’s easy to understand. This video from 2010 is particularly powerful in that it considers the immediate relationship between diet and cancer growth, and how eating a plant-strong diet creates an environment that’s inhospitable for cancer cell growth. At just under six minutes, Dr. Greger presents several points to think about and apply in our diet.

(I would like to embed the video here but WordPress is giving me headaches. Here’s the YouTube link: Slowing the Growth of Cancer and the link from his website, Nutrition Facts: Slowing the Growth of Cancer 3)

I had never considered before that I most likely have cells that are potentially cancerous. Many plant-strong doctors talk about turning “off” genes, but to me Dr. Greger’s argument regarding slowing cancer cell growth is more persuasive.

I also had never considered the long-term effects of a mother’s diet on her child. I’m fortunate that my mom was a “healthy eater” (though follower, still, of the SAD) before anyone understood why eating a plethora of fruits and veg was the ideal diet.

Debbie, the Healthy Librarian, has a fantastic blog post regarding what we can do to prevent breast cancer, which is where I found the link to this video. Head over there, read her extensive & well-researched post, & join in the discussion.

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